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Our Mission

LandOpt is a dynamic service organization that empowers a select group of highly qualified, regionally-based landscape contractors with a powerful portfolio of business systems to dramatically improve their growth, profitability and productivity.

The portfolio of integrated Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, and Business Management modules is based on proven processes, supported by Success Coaching, Professional Development, and best-in-class technology.

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Human Resource Management
  • Operations Management
  • Business Management
Their Story

Listen as LandOpt Contractors share their thoughts on how the LandOpt System and processes have resolved some of the most common industry challenges.

Historically, we have relied heavily on our line of credit to get us through the spring until payment for services comes in. Last spring my banker called me to ask what was wrong, and why we hadn't used our line of credit. Working with LandOpt, we were able to improve our cash position in a period of heavy growth. Sometimes it takes a different perspective to implement successful change! quote

Dan Eichenlaub, President, Eichenlaub, Inc.
- Dan Eichenlaub, President, Eichenlaub, Inc.

Without LandOpt we could not have grown our revenues and our profits the way we did. We have open communication through-out the organization. Before LandOpt we were going to be a million dollar business that was extremely frugal and watched expenses like a hawk. We still believe in strong financial management. We expect the 55% growth trend to extend well into the future. The sky is truly the limit with LandOpt.quote

Jim Finley, President, Cut Above
- Jim Finley, President, Cut Above